Is re-branding ever the answer?

Brands have to stay relevant to their customer but is re-branding ever the answer? Brand identities have embedded symbols that help customers to make a connection between the company and their image. These symbols hold powerful messages about brand values and meaning. Why would companies consider re-branding? Their brand has been associated with something negative … More Is re-branding ever the answer?

Stand out from other marketing with personalisation

Isn’t it strange that even in a crowded room you can still hear when someone says your name? More than anything, our name is the word we’re most sensitive to. This insight can be applied as a marketing strategy. A targeted advert will become much more noticeable and relevant if the consumer’s name is incorporated … More Stand out from other marketing with personalisation

Best uses of Virtual Reality this month

This month Topshop customers had the opportunity to ride a giant water slide down Oxford Street and Guinness drinkers could enhance the taste of their beer by watching a video of specific shapes and colours. How is this possible? Virtual Reality of course. Virtual reality is a powerful marketing tool because it allows brands to give their consumer something … More Best uses of Virtual Reality this month

Myers Briggs

In my opinion personality tests seem rather trivial because we are all unique with our own personalities. With that being said I can’t help but partake in the occasional social media quiz about like what Disney character I would be? This is purely to give myself a confidence boost when I am compared to a Disney … More Myers Briggs

Writers… what’s the word? Oh yeah… block!

Perhaps you’ve just been given a task and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve been working on something for a while and you’ve suddenly reached a creative standstill? Maybe you simply don’t know what to get a loved one for their birthday? Welcome to an issue we all experience… writers block! Here … More Writers… what’s the word? Oh yeah… block!