Career Development Plan

Current situation

  • Studying on a BA (Hons) Advertising (accelerated) degree
  • Really enjoying the account manger area but also the creative art of copywriting
  • Unconfident with my web-design skills because I only have basic knowledge of the adobe software
  • Have some work experience within marketing companies but not enough creative work

Career Goals

Currently considering:

  • Working in an advertising agency opposed to an advertising department of a company. (Although I may change my mind if the company was particularly impressive)
  • Copywriting for an advertising agency with a fantastic client base
  • Working freelance on different exciting projects in London
  • An account manager in a large well-established company
  • Branding really interests me too so potentially working as part of a company’s branding team

Routes to achieve goal/s

  • Work in a smaller company to get sufficient experience and build my portfolio before attempting to join one of the top agencies
  • Create more blog posts and get published work to become credible for a copywriting role
  • In order to be able to work freelance I would need an impressive CV and portfolio of previous work. Also London is very expensive so I will need to save sufficient money to live.
  • Find an agency I would really like to work for and work my way up the corporate ladder until I reach my desired position


  • Finding time between my lectures and organised placement to get other work experience
  • Unsure as to whether London is the best choice because although the agencies are the biggest, it is expensive and far from my hometown.
  • There is a lot of competition for the big agencies and I don’t want to spend too many years to get to an important position in a company.