I love experiencing new places and meeting new people. I have been abroad several times and my favourite place is Florida, USA for obvious reasons. It is just so enchanting and I like to truly immerse myself into the magic of Disneyworld. I can see why they call it the happiest place on earth; it’s exciting, magical and full of smiling faces and dreams!

This year alone I have visited Finland, New York and Rome! I do enjoy the tourist aspects and was particularly keen to see the statue of liberty and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. 


theatreOn stage – A passion of mine is performing in plays and musicals. There is such a buzz from performing on stage and entertaining an audience of people. Hearing their laugher and clapping is the most rewarding of feelings. I have taken part in a variety of school performances playing a lot of main characters such as Pinocchio in Pinocchio! After school I joined the ‘Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society’ and took part performing and backstage. My most recent performance was Polly in Fawlty Towers.

Off stage – I a enjoy being in the audience of a theatre almost as much as being on the stage. Professional musicals such as those on West End are spectacular and are my preferred form of entertainment. My favourites include Charlie and the chocolate factory, Wicked and Mary Poppins. Visiting NYC meant a trip to Broadway was top of the list and we saw Chicago!


 Unfortunately I have awful hand-eye coordination, which means I am pretty rubbish at ball sports. Even my best friend would choose me last during P.E at School! I was however much better at Karate and achieved several belts over the 2 years of training. I am a regular visitor to the gym and really enjoy a morning run before work. I also love watching sport and back home I regularly watch Gloucester rugby games at Kingsholm Stadium with my family – We’re going to Twickenham in September for the double-header rugby game.