Confidence: I thrive on public speaking which is displayed in various theatre productions and Bible extracts read at the cathedral.

People Skills: My high customer service skills are shown through achieving several ‘Spotlight of the month’ awards whilst working at Marks and Spencer. I am always happy to help people and meet new challenges with a positive and friendly approach.

Organised: Successfully prioritises university assignments deadlines and placement work to ensure my deadlines are met. 

Team Working: I am a team player who regularly supports colleagues and classmates and shares knowledge. As a member of the ‘Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society’ I have to work well in a team in order to build a rapport with the other cast members.

Creative: I have the ability to generate interesting and unique ideas whilst still abiding to company guidelines. I produced a creative advertising campaign for a new Solent University degree course without breaking brand guidelines.

Eagerness to learn: I take all opportunities to expand my knowledge of a business or industry. Marks and Spencer’s trained me in all departments and ordering services and I was occasionally sent to help other stores.

I am always happy to get involved in different tasks and learn new skills from research to copywriting and designing.

Leadership: I am usually the leader when it comes to group tasks and presentations whilst ensuring that everyone’s ideas and suggestions are included.I prefer a leadership role to ensure a professional delivery of an assignment.